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There is an even faster way: “I personally prefer vim over emacs.”

(Richard that was just a dry run!)

Waack in German actually means prince or “crown holder”. He’s indeed the monarch of the city council, thus overseeing the infrastructure and so on.

Mathias means Messiah. It’s the “crown holding saviour”. And a lot of people actually see him like that even though it’s an ancient title and - nowadays - basically meaningless.

Contact Mathias Waack. He can probably give you plenty of resources.


He manages the only successful Linux based infrastructure in governmental institutions in Germany.

I wanted to make a simple joke.

Firefox is a browser to surf the web. Nothing to worry about. (/s)

Ora is short for OpeRAting System. People often referred to it as “feature complete”, thus “fed”. It’s a Fedora.

Because no one agreed to a democratic decision. It’s just randomly made up.

I installed Linux and the feeling of freedom and privacy hit me so hard that I immediately began committing crimes, knowing that the FBI could never track me. Piracy, sexual assault, trademark infringement, petty larceny, tax fraud, you name it. I also own several fully automatic firearms even though I live in the state of California, but it doesn’t matter. Ever since I removed Windows 10 from my computer and replaced it with Arch Linux, and began using a PinePhone as my daily driver phone, police can’t even stop me in traffic. Windows may have a lot of video games, but the benefits of Linux should not be understated.

Honestly, at this point I’d like to get rid of all this sandboxing stuff altogether.

Nice, Organic Map is awesome. Do you also know a webapp similar to Google Maps?

Nice, Organic Map is awesome. Do you also know a webapp similar to Google Maps?

I’m honestly very confused by OSM. I always wanted to use it as an alternative to Google Maps, but it’s so hard to use.

Anyone got some tips or good ressources to share?

Just drop it! I like the idea. Who cares if it’s going to be used by a lot of people. You enjoyed making it, you make others happy, people might enjoy contributing, and you give inspiration to the community. That’s all that matters.

You rock! Thanks for creating this.

TuxedoOS, Pop!_OS, and Ubuntu (work forces me to use it 😬)