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Good that they will receive plasma 6 patched

My first was Linux Mint as well because it was more simplistic and cinnamon is really simple to use, good extensions available and stable for the most part, sometimes happened memory leaks but fixed on version 5.8; currently using Debian RC

When it is ready and passes black screen or can use hardware acceleration without crashing compositor, I’ll use wayland

Billions need to switch to linux to save the planet

Devuan - A better installer like Calamares and stop using backports as default on ISO lol it’s a pain to use Ceres from there

Siduction - They should use a bit more ISO’s giving 2/3 instead of 5 options to make available more ISO’s regularly, obsolete ISO that is updated yearly lmao

True true, plasma the default or XFCE like is used on Mint would be way better

Same, trying to use and a lot of javascript errors, reopening 3 times to show up

LMDE 6 still has a 32-bit version, probably the last kek

I am waiting for this alternative for btrfs

I use firefox and used email and most of my things on google, but after 2023, I had an abandoned outlook and start to use for Sync on Edge and etc

IDK, seems a decent browser, a lot need some corporate browser and microsoft going to cloud, at least it’s better than going to windows entirely for a lot of people kekw

Wayland will become a spaghetti too, unless you do “compositorhop” because one compositor is not complete and need to use another, idk if this would be a good idea

This meme will never die unless Intel and AMD surpasses NVIDIA on everything

Mostly he’s going to have problems on native packages, but if he uses flatpak, it’s not so many problems to deal with

The problem is that Fedora rawhide have so many updates and experimental ones and not so much reliable in comparison with Debian sid

Sounds nice for somebody that likes windows 7 and don’t want to use obsolete system kek