Federation, Defederation, and You - FAQ and Megathread
*Regarding Beehaw defederating from and, [this]( post goes into detail on the why and the philosophy behind that decision. Additionally, there is an update specific to [here](* For now, let's talk about what federation is and what defederation means for members of Beehaw or the above two communities interacting with each other, as well as the broader fediverse. *Federation is not something new on the internet*. Most users use federated services every day (for instance, the url used to access instances uses a federated service known as DNS, and email is another system that functions through federation.) Just like those services, you elect to use a service provider that allows you to communicate with the rest of the world. That service provider is your window to work with others. When you federate, you mutually agree to share your content. This means that posting something to a site can be seen by another and all comments are shared. Even users from other sites can post to your site. Now when you defederate, this results in content to be no longer shared. It didn't reverse any previous sharing or posts, it just stops the information from flowing with the selected instance. This only impacts the site's that are called out. What this means to you is when a user within one instance (e.g. Beehaw) that's chosen to defederate with another (e.g., they can no longer interact with content on another instance, and vice versa. Other instances can still see the content of both servers as though nothing has happened. - A user is not limited to how many instances they can join (technically at least - some instance have more stringent requirements for joining than others do) - A user can interact with Lemmy content without being a user of any Lemmy instance - e.g. Mastodon (UI for doing so is limited, but it is still possible.) Considering the above, it is important to understand just how much autonomy we, as users have. For example, as the larger instances are flooded with users and their respective admins and mods try to keep up, many, smaller instances not only thrive, but emerge, regularly (and even single user instances - I have one for just myself!) The act of defederation does not serve to lock individual users out of anything as there are multiple avenues to constantly maintain access to, if you want it, the entirety of the unfiltered fediverse. On that last point, another consideration at the individual level is - what do you want out of Lemmy? Do you want to find and connect with like-minded people, share information, and connect at a social and community level? Do you want to casually browse content and not really interact with anyone? These questions and the questions that they lead to are critical. There is no direct benefit to being on the biggest instance. In fact, as we all deal with this mass influx, figure out what that means for our own instances and interactions with others, I would argue that a smaller instance is actually much better suited for those who just want to casually browse everything. Lastly, and tangential, another concern I have seen related to this conversation is people feeling afraid of being locked out of the content and conversation from the "main" communities around big topics starting to form across the Lemmiverse (think memes, gaming, tech, politics, news, etc.) Over time, certain communities will certainly become a default for some people just given the community size (there will *always* be a biggest or most active - it's just a numbers game.) This, again though, all comes down to personal preference and what each individual is looking to get from their Lemmy experience. While there may, eventually, be a “main” sub for <topic xyz> (again, by the numbers), there will also always be quite a few other options for targeted discussions on <topic xyz>, within different communities, on different instances, each with their own culture and vibe. This can certainly feel overwhelming and daunting (and at the moment, honestly it is.) Reddit and other non-federated platforms provided the illusion of choice, but this is what actual choice looks and feels like. [edit: grammar and spelling]

I guess our car is not our private space anymore, and we are not given a choice when buying a car from Volkswagen.

Mbin is a decentralized content aggregator, voting, discussion and microblogging platform running on the fediverse network. It can communicate with many other ActivityPub services, including Kbin, Mastodon, Lemmy, Pleroma, Peertube. It is an open source alternative to other link aggregator services like Reddit. The initiative aims to promote a free and open internet. Mbin is focused on what the community wants, pull requests can be merged by any repo owner (with merge rights in GitHub). Discussions take place on Matrix then consensus has to be reached by the community. If approved by the community, only one approval on the PR is required by one of the Mbin maintainers. It's built entirely on trust. It seems it's claim to fame is being more open and accepting of community changes and improvements. It can install as either bare metal/VM or as a Docker container. Although anyone can install it and self-host it, their project page also contains a link to various instances that already exist and which anyone can register on. See #technology #opensource #Fediverse #linkaggregator #decentralised

Recommendations re writing tablets e.g. reMarkable
I want to get back into creative writing, and for work I prefer to take handwritten notes (I have my own weird shorthand and it helps with retention). I'd also like the ability to write at night and not disturb my partner. I don't want to go near iOS and the tablet would be primarily used for writing purposes. Any recommendations or 'what to avoid's? Sorry if wrong community, I couldn't find another relevant

Atuin replaces your existing shell history with a SQLite database, and records additional context for your commands. With this context, Atuin gives you faster and better search of your shell history! Additionally, it provides optional and fully encrypted (E2EE) synchronisation of your history between machines, via an Atuin server, or you can self-host your own server. There is a single command to easily delete your data from the server too. It supports zsh, bash, fish, and nushell shells right now. The search is as easy as pressing the up arrow in the terminal and then scrolling back, or typing to search. But you could also type something like this to do a search [search for all successful `make` commands, recorded after 3pm yesterday atuin search --exit 0 --after "yesterday 3pm" make]. Atuin offers configurable full text or fuzzy search, filterable by host, directory, etc. As it has context around dates, times, exit code, and even the directory location form where a command was executed, you could use the -c flag to just search for commands run in a particular directory. The sync function allows you to have the same history across terminals, across sessions, and across machines. There is a quick start script that can be run to install it, otherwise you can also install from the various Linux repos. For manual installation, the steps I found to get going were: * Install and add it to your .bashrc (or other shell) file * Install Atuin and add it to your .bashrc (or other shell) file (after * Restart your shell and run 'atuin import bash' to import my bash history into Atuin * Press up arrow to see if Atuin interactive search triggers The link below has some good documentation as well a link to their source code. See #technology #Linux #opensource

2024 might be the breakout year for efficient ARM chips in desktop and laptop PCs.

Apparently, stealing other people's work to create product for money is now "fair use" as according to OpenAI because they are "innovating" (stealing). Yeah. Move fast and break things, huh? >"Because copyright today covers virtually every sort of human expression—including blogposts, photographs, forum posts, scraps of software code, and government documents—it would be impossible to train today’s leading AI models without using copyrighted materials," wrote OpenAI in the House of Lords submission. >OpenAI claimed that the authors in that lawsuit "misconceive[d] the scope of copyright, failing to take into account the limitations and exceptions (including fair use) that properly leave room for innovations like the large language models now at the forefront of artificial intelligence."

Tools for collaboration
So I have two coworkers who I want to help out with a problem. They have to collaborate on upgrades in a old factory, and they both use the same excel spreadsheet to keep track of the to-do list. However. This will routinely cause one of them to lose all their work for the day when the other person forgets to close the spreadsheet after doing something. They are great people. But computers are not their strength. So just reminding them to never start working before checking if the other person is done will not really work. And I always gets asked to help out since I know the basics of excel at least. So is there anything that can be used for project management, and that has real time collaboration. And can be learned to two people who dislike computers in general.

From article: If you have the Brave Browser installed on your Windows devices, then you may also have Brave VPN services installed on the machine. Brave installs these services without user consent on Windows devices. More reason to ditch the crypto bro browser.

this agreement is causing a great deal of distaste in VA spaces this week, perhaps best exemplified [by this tweet]( which asserts that the deal was not sent to membership. as far as i can tell through the grapevine a *lot* of VAs concur that this was foist upon them suddenly and they were given no chance to vote on it or similar, but it's hard to say without any more concrete details than social media

New Mexico’s Attorney General Raúl Torrez sued Facebook and Instagram owner Meta in December, saying the company failed to protect young users from exposure to child sexual abuse material and allowed adults to solicit explicit imagery from them. "While the company continues to downplay the illegal and harmful activity children are exposed to on its platforms, Meta’s internal data and presentations show the problem is severe and pervasive," Torrez said. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, along with the CEOs of Snap, Discord, TikTok and X, formerly Twitter, are scheduled to testify before the U.S. Senate on child safety at the end of January.

>On Amazon, I searched for “OpenAI policy” and boy, did I get results! I’m not entirely sure what this green thing is but I’ve been assured that it will “Boost your productivity with our high-performance [product name], designed to deliver-fast results and handle demanding tasks efficiently, ensuring you stay of the competition.“ Phenomenal! Unfortunately, there are no customer reviews — yet, anyway! The Verge article made reference to this [thread]( >At this point Amazon is like generative AI for products - you can just make up ideas and some alphabet soup company will drop ship a low quality version of it to you Welcome to the New World, powered by AI Overlord

Unpaywalled link: A U.S. congressional committee has asked the Commerce Department to look into whether a giant technology company controlled by the ruling family of the United Arab Emirates should be put under trade restrictions because of its ties to China. The company, G42, specializes in artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, and is overseen by Sheikh Tahnoon bin Zayed, the national security adviser of the Emirates and a younger brother of the country’s ruler. It has signed recent agreements with prominent American technology companies, including Microsoft, Dell and OpenAI. A Silicon Valley chip firm, Cerebras, is building a supercomputer for G42 to create and power A.I. products. But in a letter sent to the Commerce Department on Wednesday, the bipartisan House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party said the company works extensively with China’s “military, intelligence services and state-owned entities,” according to a copy obtained by The New York Times. The letter was signed by the chairman of the committee, Representative Mike Gallagher, Republican of Wisconsin.

All newly announced models get Bluetooth 5.3 with LE audio and Auracast support.

Former Google researchers secure $30 million funding for Tokyo-based AI lab []( [@news]( []( []( [@breakinggovtech](

That graphic sums up my entire educational experience.

Apple Is Trying to Kill the Open Internet!
Apple Is Trying to Kill the Open Internet! []( [@technology](

"We just gave the Fairphone 4 a revolutionary update, with a completely refreshed camera experience, and we couldn’t be prouder." The Fairphone 4 was released in summer 2021 and has been superseded by the Fairphone 5, but this major update addresses one of the biggest complaints about the device since day one -- the camera.

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