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Love and use them for Photo, Publisher, and Designer, but there’s no alternative for Lightroom. And honestly, I like Lightroom. It truly is the best at what it does. Simple, easy to use, great features, thoughtful design.

Yeah I’ve been seeing this reasoning for many years now, but as someone who lives in Word and Excel for office work, it’s actually been a really long time since I couldn’t use Pages/Numbers/LibreOffice in place of Office just as effectively.

I’m removing this post because I don’t think it really fits /c/technology, and it does seem rather low effort and somewhat spammy.

I agree with this. I don’t have a problem with porn, but allowing it on your platform instantiates one HELL of a burden on you.

Let them go to places dedicated to it, like PornHub. PH now has verification requirements, I believe, to protect people. I can’t be bothered to find the article right now, but in the last few weeks I recall reading something about a ton of child porn being traded on Facebook.

I really love Bear, and I’m immensely relieved they’re not trying to bake AI garbage into it.

Does anyone use Shortcuts on your Apple device? If so, what are you using?
For me, I have shortcuts on my Mac to change the wallpaper based on time of day (light or dark), but that's it. I'd maybe be interested in using more if I could think of a good use case, so share yours, if you have one

Not as much as I probably should be! I have a nice little Proxmox cluster, backed by a UPS and a beefy NAS, but mostly I use it for fussing around with stuff, playing with instances, nothing really mission critical.

What frustrated you about SearXNG?

I use DDG because I’m still not decided on whether or not Kagi is worth it. If there’s no significant difference in the results returned by DDG, why pay for Kagi?

“Enshittification” has quickly become commonly used after it was described here: https://doctorow.medium.com/tiktoks-enshittification-bb3f5df91979

It’s a specific process that tech companies seem to go through, and differs from other things, such as rent seeking.

What search engine do you use?
Data on search engine market share is available, but I wonder what that looks like for Lemmy users in particular, who I would assume lean more technical than the average user, so probably use DuckDuckGo and alternates more than Google. I use a mix of [DuckDuckGo](https://duckduckgo.com) and [Kagi](https://kagi.com). I'll also use ChatGPT, which can be good if you're careful to verify the answers it gives you as a check against hallucinations. It's useful for short, direct answers without ads or SEO bullshit. This article on Ars (and if you're not a subscriber, you absolutely should be, as they are *the* best tech journalists out there) inspired the question: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2023/06/google-admits-reddit-protests-make-it-harder-to-find-helpful-search-results Fucking Reddit. Enshittification ruins everything.

It makes me sad that people are losing their jobs. Somewhere out there are real people with real families wondering what they’re going to do if they’re out of a job. It just sucks.

There’s nothing like a good hands-on to understand what your tools are doing under the hood. Also, the author admitted that he used ChatGPT to help write this. In [his words](https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=36489234): > Yep, I do use GPT as one of the tools in my workflow. I write these blogs in markdown locally and have a helper script which takes the raw content and with a prompt it helps me generate a title, summary, Intro and conclusion (personal preference to keep these consistent on all blogs) and proofread the whole raw content for any mistakes (replaces grammarly completely now). > > Quite happy with this workflow because it helps me publish articles more frequently where I don't have to worry about stuff other than just dumping my thoughts in raw format. > > It’s similar to how I use Astro as a tool to generate static pages from these markdown files to easily deploy on web or TailwindCSS etc etc you get the point.

This perspective lacks nuance.

a service like iCloud is a bad idea if you care about your privacy

Like all security and privacy measures, you have to consider your threat profile. From whom are you trying to maintain privacy from? If it’s other people or companies, then using a service like this is perfectly okay. If you’re worried about state actors or governmental agencies coming after you, then you have a very different set of requirements and considerations than most people, and you should plan accordingly.

But saying that services like this aren’t for people who care about their privacy is a little disingenuous. As with all things, it’s a matter of degrees.

There’s no harm in going to the meeting to just listen to what they have to say. Why should he deprive himself of that knowledge? That would be dumb. Information is power. Just because he can’t run out and say “here’s all the things they talked about” doesn’t mean he can’t use what he heard to his and the FOSS community’s advantage. Maybe they disclose that they’re working on some $thing, and now he can start development of a feature that might somehow protect against that $thing.

I love FOSS and the community, but far too often their zealous nature cause them to make poor decisions. The world isn’t black and white. Stop treating it like it is. NDAs happen in business all the time for anything and everything. A lot of companies won’t even have a meeting with you/another company AT ALL unless an NDA is in place. It’s standard.

Not going to at least hear what they had to say was stupid.

I have to image that their fleet of attorneys would have thought of this before hand.

Thank you! I’ve seen this mentioned a couple of times and have been meaning to give it a try.

Reddit burning itself to the ground is the best thing to happen to the Internet in a long time. Just look at how decentralized communities are flourishing.

I absolutely to the fucking core of my soul despise Teams. But not just Teams, Windows, too. And Word. Especially on iPad, Word is a heaping pile of shit. I’m astonished at how garbage Word for iPad is, as well as Teams. And that anyone can possibly accept advertisements in their operating system is just absolutely wild to me.

From a corporate standpoint, fine, a lot of places need Windows. Hard to get around that. But for home users? Especially with translation layers really starting to take off for gaming, if I were Microsoft, I’d stop fucking around with nonsense like ads, shady telemetry, and Internet connectivity just for a damn OS.

No idea who this person is but I poked around their website a bit and found them to be kind of charming, in an odd sort of way.

i believe that the free software movement is over, and that it has been over for years.

Strong disagreement. The free software movement is so, so much larger than RMS and TFSF.

Hey man, not cool with the dialog. That’s not the kind of place Beehaw is. This is an important discussion and you have an important voice that deserves to be heard, but that’s not the way to go about doing it. I encourage you to next time choose grace.

Yes, of course I read the article before I posted it. The answers are not contained within. Think deeper, friend:

It requires basically any digital services provider that collects an email at sign-up to conduct age verification to identify all minors, verify parents or guardians connected to all minors identified…

How? How will this actually be performed?

I’ve been a paying subscriber to Ars Technica for something like 15-ish years now. I read the article, and then read the comments on their website, where others there have the same concerns. Then I posted it here. I agree that it’s silly to ask questions that an article answers, but that’s not the case here.

I hope that here on Beehaw, we can work to build a community that has more grace than the ones we left behind, and assume the best intentions from others.

I LOVE this approach though. I want tech news, or politics, or whatever, but I want to be able to decide what my experience engaging with those posts is like. If an instance isn’t seriously discussing something in the comments, or moderation isn’t what I want, then I can go to another instance where it is. Beehaw is already a fantastic example of this, and why I strongly prefer this instance over others—I really don’t like the type of comments that seem to gain popularity elsewhere, like on lemmy.ml.

How do they even plan on enforcing this? What would possibly be the consequences for either parent or child if they violate?

If they want their subs back so badly, let them take them. They can deal with moderation (or finding any decent mods at all) on their own.

Good luck with that, Reddit admins. lol.

If you go back to [the] early days of Cloudflare, we’ve wrestled with: ‘What is our role in term of controlling what content flows through our network?’ And we believed that the right principle was to remain content neutral.

I think he’s exactly correct. This is what Net Neutrality is about. Service providers on the Internet should be treated like a utility. It’s easy to conflate this issue with that of ‘tolerating the intolerant,’ but I don’t think that’s correct at all. It’s also an argument that many parts of the Internet infrastructure have had. Cloudflare is a big part of the infrastructure underpinning the Internet at large, but it’s only a part. There are many others that need to come together to support a simple website. What about RIRs (Regional Internet Registries) like ARIN, who are responsible for allocating IP addresses? If you’re going to be upset with Cloudflare for struggling about whether or not to be neutral, why should they get off the hook? I think it’s probably because most people don’t understand how the Internet works, and so they remain ignorant of what goes into simply ‘hooking up’ a website to the Internet, allowing these other critically necessary components to fly under the radar of the public attention.

The debate about various Internet infrastructure entities remaining neutral has long raged. By and large, the communities that build and maintain these kinds of underpinnings have come down on the side of remaining neutral. It’s a vastly complex situation, with no easy answers, and a LOT of ‘hidden’ variables and concerns.

First, I respect you doing what you feel you need to.

That said, I think we need to be careful about how we decide what products to use or support based off the politics or history of their development. That seems like a risky game to me. How much slave labor was used in creating the very products we’re using right now, for instance?

I don’t have anything to add to your questions, but these comments made me LOL:

the NASA-esque startup sequence … I probably have six hackers fighting for dominance over my dedicated network for smart garbage

Lol, I got a good chuckle out of this. Fantastic sense of humor

I use Ivory both for iOS and macOS, and that’s a great way to browse Masto, IMO. When I’m in the browser though, I do use and prefer the quad layout.

Unifi controller is the only ‘real’ service I actually keep running. I have various VMs running on Proxmox that I mostly use for testing. Even though I have two physical servers with plenty of compute and memory available, backed by a large NAS and all of hanging off a UPS, I just don’t feel comfortable in self-hosting things I deem critical.

Well, give young people some credit, though. Mostly they’re the ones that have been closing their subs and migrating here and working to develop FOSS software like Lemmy. I say this as someone in my late 30s.

It still looks pretty bad (in a good way): https://reddark.untone.uk/

Almost 7,000 subs private, including many of the biggest ones. This is by no means letting up.