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They are a sovereign nation after all, like it or not.

Australian government:

Australia’s longstanding policy is to recognise States, not governments. The Australian Government does not extend or withhold formal recognition to new regimes. Australia will continue to judge the Taliban regime by its actions.

First - what’s a bookmarklet? :o

What I’m saying is - even though it says “shut down”, it’s not doing a real shut down. Yes, you could fully let the battery run dry. But that takes 12 hours and you can’t do it once a day. Plus it ruins your battery’s capacity.

These days, I don’t think phones even turn off completely. Closing to sleeping. And only a portion of background services will stop and restart.

It would be nice to have a list of these to check on in a year time when they feel less like an alpha version.

Your comment has been posted in the wrong thread as I’m sure you’re aware by now. FWIW, this is a known Lemmy bug.

Well Google is gutting ad blockers. So maybe there will be an extremely minor exodus yet.

Interesting suggestion of btop. How does it compare to htop?

Any mechanical keyboards communities out there?

Don’t get people started on the use of SMS for 2FA…

If you can get anything close to Apollo, you will be able to get at least a decent paying following, including me.

Try adding the site to your home screen. It will actually add a progressive web app, which is surprising useful.

`Seventy-seven percent of middle-age Americans (35-54 years old) say they want to return to a time before society was “plugged in,” meaning a time before there was widespread internet and cell phone usage. As told by a new Harris Poll (via Fast Company), 63% of younger folks (18-34 years old) were also keen on returning to a pre-plugged-in world, despite that being a world they largely never had a chance to occupy.`

Sure, let’s hope they have a backup policy in place for best practice. But also it is kinda decentralized anyway. Every dev is going to have their local repo, and that is essentially a backup.

Since it’s on a network share, there’s the extra overhead of managing the file system permissions. And you probably hadn’t received access at the point.

Are you concerned about corruption due to multiple users? Are you using the repo in the intended way? Then it’s fine. Git has locking mechanisms. Pull, work, commit, push.

Wired - How to Download Your Reddit Data
Plenty of articles on this topic out there but maybe this will help someone.

At first glance this doesn’t seem to be as impactful as you might think…

We reverse engineered the low-level assembly sorting algorithms discovered by AlphaDev for sort 3, sort 4 and sort 5 to C++ and discovered that our sort implementations led to improvements of up to 70% for sequences of a length of five and roughly 1.7% for sequences exceeding 250,000 elements.