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I’m super not knowledgeable about codecs and shit, but IIRC there’s one that the rpi 4 is just garbage at dealing with. x265 I think it’s called?

Seconding Jellyfin. I used to run XBMC as God intended on my old OG Xbox but Kodi is so bloated and garbo these days from what I’ve seen.

A vague interest in taking my data away from “Big Tech” led me to get hosting a few years back and use a private email solution professionally hosted. Last year, I bought a pi then went through a breakup and didn’t touch it until recently haha.

I just had to rebuild from scratch but I’m running Flame dashboard, Vaultwarden, Nextcloud, Baikal, and a rickroll server disguised as a Docs app, because I’m a red blooded American. :P (and the boring stuff lol)

I just have a pi 4 running OpenMediaVault with docker and portainer. 😅

I’ve heard it runs real nice on pi in a docker container. If you’re just using it as a private instance you wouldn’t have to worry about scaling.