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I can’t manage to make Kate look half descent on Mint (Cinnamon). It does look great on Plasma

I am aware of this one, but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I think I’ll start using Kate, and contribute whatever features I’m missing if I can.

Visual Studio Code alternatives for Linux?
While I understand the lack of proper open source alternatives for some software like AutoCAD and After Effects, it always felt weird that the best IDEs/Text Editors are made by big corporations, because you know, these are the tools programmers use. I tried vim/neovim, which I enjoy using, but I've come to prefer visual editors instead of text based. Kate looks promising, and I'm willing to contribute to it in my free time, but it just has that "amateurish" feel to it that I can't explain. Anyone aware of other alternatives?

Counting Android is just lying. ChromeOS and WSL are a stretch, but you can make an argument for them.

Why make an app for Tildes instead of Lemmy?
I mean the dev is obviously free to work on whatever he wants, but I've had a Tildes account for like 2 years now, and honestly it never got any traction. Lemmy on the other hand is getting a lot of users, and it is desperately missing a non-buggy app. Any specific reason?

I made a reddit Megathread on /r/Lemmy about what Lemmy is and how to join iy
Feel free to share it with people, or suggest any edits for me to make.

I feel that should change, but thanks for answering.

How to block an instance as a user?
When browsing All, I would like to block some instances, mainly those in a different language that just clutter my feed. Is that possible?

Have you ever tried using the terminal exclusively for your day-to-day usage for any amount of time?
How was it? What programs did you use? I want to try it, but the browser thing is a deal breaker I think.