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I love this personally. The admins had a vision for the future that was not based in any form of reality, but rather the same wealth extraction tactics that have collapsed so many other services.

Anyone who remembers the Digg exodus, there are reflections of that in reddit’s stittastic new policies.

Just more proof that enshittification isn’t a slow erosion of quality over time but rather direct actions taken by a profit-seeking leadership.

If you go back now and look in older technically complex threads it is a wasteland of [Deleted] and various account scrubber script Lorem Ipsum as a good chunk of decent contributors have left and burned their accounts.


Looking forward to the day that they don’t prop up google anymore.

Well that’s a relief. I got kicked from lemmy.world for a similar sentiment.

Was worried the infection was inescapable.

If you were able to block us, we wouldn’t be able to tell you when you are breaking the rules or provide feedback based on reports of your comments.

Summarizing my other post below:

I have been online since the late eighties and participated actively in hundreds of forums.

And in all that time, the number of meaningful mod/admin replies as compared to just blatant abuses of power, arbitrary justifications, and self-gratifying pontifications has been so vanishingly low that I find in all circumstances it is better to be unaware of their posts.

Same goes for appeals or feedback. Vanishingly small numbers of actual circumstance changing interactions as compared to countless arbitrary justifications, concern trolling, and outright propaganda.

I know you are thinking ‘But here at Beehaw we are different’. And you may indeed be.

But in my experiences, in the long run, the chance of this being true approaches zero. This universal for nearly every online forum. The only place I have seen avoid that in the long term is somethingawful and that’s because they charge for accounts. For free account forums the tendency will always be towards enshittification.

If my natural communication method, which I have taken decades to refine and improve, breaks the rules of a forum in such a way as I am to be banned, then I really have no business being in that forum to begin with and whatever justification the mod picked out of a hat for my banning is kind of meaningless to me.

I am not needlessly acerbic, I do not pick fights, but I do respond harshly to hostile replies as noted above.

And of course most mods will just remove of ban both participants, ignoring who the aggressor is because that is the nature of hierarchy to be radically out of touch with those they have been privileged to administer over. I am fully aware of how protected bullies are in this world and really don’t want to waste any energy reading about an authoritarian’s opinion on my method of discourse.

Let me be clear: The ONLY site I have ever been banned from was reddit for posting ‘Punching nazis is a moral good’, and please tell me now if this is a violation here and I will just delete my account and leave.

Me blocking an admin does nothing to degrade the experience of others, and serves to greatly enhance my own.

which seemed like it implied being held to any moderation standard was problematic.

I think that’s more of your interpretation than my intention.

In nearly 3 and a half decades of heavy internet use, admin and mod messages in general are more annoyance than value and I find that my experience is better just filtering them all out. I know that probably applies less here than in most other forums I’ve participated and probably sounds like I’m being personally hostile.

I’m sincerely not, you seem like a pleasant and well written person and we probably align in a lot of our ideals.

But I’d still block you if I had the opportunity, again because of your role, not your person. Keep in mind Lemmy’s blocking doesn’t prevent you replying like reddit’s did so there really should be no implications in me wanting to block admin replies. You can still illustrate to the community what my rules failure is and I can be mercifully free of arbitrary justifications.

Even though I do not have experience at such a large scope, I understand being a mod/admin isn’t easy, I co-modded /r/talesfromtamriel for a few years and even as a niche sub with a positive community, it was still a task to handle all the spam and harassment.

So I want you to know I value your effort and have been very much doing my best to be a contributive member of this instance as I was on early reddit, but I want to make this very clear: I would still block you, and every admin and mod on the instance if I could. And I have that sentiment for every single forum I have been on since AOL chatroom days.

To be clear, the only site I have ever been banned from in my entire time on the internet has been reddit for saying ‘Punching nazis is a moral good’. I am not a rabble rouser or deliberate antagonist (with the exception of auto antagonism towards white nationalists and I will gladly take any ban you want to give me for shouting down nazis) and truly value the good online communities I participate in.

And I like beehaw, and most of the people I’ve spoken to here are quality posters. This feels a lot like old reddit for the most part. I want to be a longtime member and contributed tens of thousands of words a week.

But I don’t really want to see anything from any mod or admin because if it’s positive, fine I don’t need to be aware of it. If it’s negative, then I will find out the results organically. Again I know this will feel like a personal attack but it really isn’t: I am better off not knowing what those roles type because in nearly every circumstance there is an implicit or explicit misuse of authority that will piss me off to no end and cause me to reply in ways that seem to only antagonize the situation.

And you will say ‘But here, we are different. We moderate with a light touch and only when necessary’.

And I have heard that so many, many times before and I can count the number of times that has been true on one hand of a clumsy woodshop teacher.

And you may be correct, and frankly this place has the BEST chance I’ve seen of being true to that maxim, and I am thankful that this place exists because of it.

And I know moderation is necessary, there are truly rancid and destructive people out there that need to have their posts removed, and accounts banned for the betterment of the community.

And I know it is a thankless, no-pay job that exposes you to the worst the internet has to offer (and that is saying something).

That said. I’d still block you if I could. I don’t mean that personally, it just works out better in the long run.

Well I appreciate that but it doesn’t really do anything to reduce my general anti-authoritarian streak.

That being said you have already proven yourself saner than 99.5% of reddit admins and is a bit of a relief considering the treatment I got at lemmy.world.

One thing though: Criticism of admins should never be considered a rule breaking event provided it is not derogative or endangering, and if my reply to you is considered a reason for admin action then I need to reconsider my participation in beehaw as well.

You can’t prevent it WITH regulation.

Just like illegal dumping: If it makes the company more than the fine, it is just a cost of business.

BTW, that mentality of “other countries vs mine” is absurd.

China will never agree to a limitation of tech advancement because that is their primary source of wealth, and frankly your comment shows a tragic lack of understanding on international affairs.

This isn’t ‘us good them bad’, this is 'China has a history of ignoring technology patents and restrictions in order to gain international advantage. The fact that you assumed that I had petty reasons makes it clear you have nothing to contribute to this conversation.

I agree with everything in your post but the simple truth is administrative jobs are the modern equivalent of fluff court positions handed out to the 2nd+ born children of nobles and the modern owner class will never give up that eternal source of easy wealth.

Which is also why they fight so hard to keep anyone not in the owner class out of management.

How long before a self-owned AI company that does every administrative job better than humans because it trained on human behavior for 100 years?

What do you think an entity like that would be capable of?

Your distinction is mostly philosophical. Legally corporations have more protections than people.

I’m probably one of the most anti-corporate people you’ll meet today, I don’t even think publicly traded companies should exist.

If an artist falls in love with drawing and learns to draw from Jack Kirby’s work and at the beginning even imitates his style, does he owe Jack Kirby royalties for every drawing he does as he ‘learned’ on Jack’s copyrighted art?

Now that it exists how do you propose we make it not exist?

Even if we outlaw it Russia and China won’t and without the tools to fight back against it the web is basically done as anything but a propaganda platform

I don’t know if you noticed this but some really big companies with high stock valuations are only existing because investors poured tons of capital into them to subsidize the service.

Uber could not do taxis cheaper than existing if they didn’t have years of free cash to artificially lower prices.

We are in the beginning of late state capitalism, profitable companies go under due to private capital firms and absolute ponzi frauds get their faces on time magazine.

Enjoy the collapse.

We are allowed to have nuance, nothing is inherently good or bad. A knife can wound or make dinner.

Trying to reduce nuance lessens the public discourse, do not be tempted by lowest common denominator memery.

Whether anyone likes it or not LLMs are here and even if we strictly regulate them there will be organizations and governments that do not.

WHAT WE SHOULD be focusing on is how to prevent low effort AI content from just basically overtaking the web.

We are already mostly there.

Serious Question: When an artist learns to draw by looking at the drawings of the masters, and practicing the techniques they pioneered, are the art students respecting the intellectual property rights of those masters?

Are not all of that student’s work derivative of an education based on other people’s work who will never see compensation for that student’s use?

This is not actually true at all, you could train very good LLMs on public domain only info, especially science oriented ones.

But what people want is a chatbot that can call on current events, and that is where the cost comes in.

I admit that Mint is the distro I got the furthest with, several weeks in I just stopped being able to do full screen 3d. I spent a month and a half on forums trying to figure it out including 2 clean installs and couldn’t get anywhere.

I even did board level diagnostics on my video card.

Just gave up and went back to windows, never had an issue there and still don’t.

I’ll use linux for remote servers or fun little house gadgets, but as much as I hate windows, (and I hate windows with the seething glowing magma aged bitterness of someone who has had to support it since WIndows 3.11.

I would LOVE to ditch it, especially now, but until I can get a clean install to doing what I need to do in under a day, I can’t advocate linux.

Not me, this will lead to malware installed in the brain.

You think popups are bad now?

Wait till you get them in your dreams.

I have tried to switch my daily driver to linux for more than 15 years now, Linux desktop just isn’t ready.

Full disclosure: I am an IT admin with near 3 decades of experience, including administrating linux servers, so this isn’t a skill gap.

I spent two decades of my youth volunteering for local candidate’s campaigns.

Now I’m old and tired and you can spend the time if you like.

And even if you were to actually get it before your rep, it’s likely that neither they or anyone on their staff is tech savvy enough to understand it.

We are ruled by a generation raised when the highest form of tech in ones house was MAYBE a color tv and it shows.

It’s not ‘insanely paranoid’ when it is correct.

Even the really big boys have shit security and almost no one invests in it.

I was called ‘insanely paranoid’ for not wanting any IoT things in my house even though I am an IT guy.

I told them ‘I don’t want IoT things in my house BECAUSE I’m an IT guy and know what I’m talking about.’

They ignored me of course, even companies that paid for my opinion and services.

And some paid the price, but funny enough that didn’t stop them from insecure practices, it just made them choose another brand of insecure IoT devices to replace the old.

Fucking thank you. Everyone seems to think GPT is some kind of reasoning engine.

It is just a storyteller with fucktastically huge pile of material to pull from.