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Your phone should have battery indicator in 0.25% steps.

You can only criticize some small project with a developer that isn’t good in communication. You are truly a petty person.

Someone who hides behing “autism” label to use actually mentally challenged as shields on internet is a fucking disgusting person. Someone who goes to lengths of inventing gospel like getting swatted, with banning people asking for some evidence by claiming everybody is a troll, with no evidence for it in almost a year, is not a good person. Or him officially instructing in his Matrix chat to witch hunt any reddit users that criticise his project by abusing JSON and RSS feeds for accounts.

I did not know asking for evidence and making things transparent was trolling. I did not know this.

having a little social media army with sockpuppets to do this

No loser, the community is the army.

Lost you on this one. You are an unreasonable BSD evangelist with incoherent rantings.

Have a good life. May you gain wisdom. Blocking you.

Well, I do not know, I just back up things with a bunch of quoting and hard evidence, and on top of it I am pretty self-critical as a leftist, so I feel fairly confident in my takes.

“Stepped down” is a big fat lie if anyone bothered to look at GitHub for GrapheneOS project, with just one person pushing commits to the project. From what I showed with DivestOS developer bullying incident, it is also proven that this is not a truly open source project, but one licensed depending on Micay’s personal whims. There is no freedom in his code licensing and can go ahead to do shitty things like falsely accusing FlorisBoard and Bromite devs of being neonazis on GitHub issue trackers.

Edit: since this clown calls me “misinformation” spreader and asks for evidence, it is easy to look at one of the two long investigation articles I wrote, in which in share DivestOS XMPP room chat logs with Micay bullying DivestOS dev into banning me otherwise he will initiate a harassment campaign on social media against him. Similar stuff was done (calling neonazi in issue tracker) against Bromite project that used what should be open sourced code, but is not.

you can only attacks small projects

I do not do that. Pretty sure most said in your thread that you write weird stuff, and I also tried talking to you to no avail.

Your OpenBSD fandom sounds like TempleOS meme. Weird. Pass.

6a, the one with a hackable fingerprint sensor, is good… this is the level of security GrapheneOS people enjoy. Rather have a debloated $50 BLU phone. These people know zilch about security and instead are just interested in inventing gospel to circlejerk their stock Android hobby.

This comment is GrapheneOS propaganda making its way into Lemmy. Ban these 4chan tier advertisers.

AOSP with rebranded features is not doing anything over AOSP or LineageOS.

  • Every app on Android is sandboxed
  • there is no immutability thing with Android
  • WebView already runs sandboxed by default on Android in general
  • energy saving is dependent on phone chips and not this scam Android distro
  • closed source hardware is the same as Intel ME/AMD PSP and not a “trusted element”
  • Android is unified, there is nothing unique about this scam distro

GrapheneOS is pure snake oil with a disgusting sole developer that believes in pushing corporate Big Tech propaganda, harassing and witch hunting any critics, having a little social media army with sockpuppets to do this, abuses mentally challenged by hiding behind “autism” label (Louis Rossmann has a nice video), falsely claims he was swatted without giving evidence or coverage in local Canadian media and blames everyone from redditors to community mods to YouTubers and so on.

I covered this disease for about 5 years, and it emanates from the same sewer that “security” clowns like Brad Spengler and madaidan do in Linux community. All they do is either push their bullshit solutions or push corporate Big Tech propaganda and hate any FOSS project they think will not worship them.



None. Linux phones are not going to be daily driver worthy in a long time. We already got our FOSS Linux based mobile OS, it is called Android.

If you want to donate to Linux devs, sure do it. But delusion about Linux phones is a futile and even dangerous exercise if you needed the phone to work in critical times.

Ubuntu LTS GNOME for 4 years -> tried Linux Mint Cinnamon for 1 month -> back to Ubuntu LTS GNOME for 2 years -> became less noob so Debian Stable since July 2023.

I no longer plan to hop as I feel comfortable in Debian/Ubuntu APTverse with GNOME DE. Have it both on desktop and laptop dualbooted besides Windows. And since I rarely participate in Linux community and do not have the social validation disease, I am good.

This gets shared around a lot more than you think. I see it a lot on 4chan and even in internet comments.

Did you really make it? Weird to imagine you would be on Lemmy coincidentally.

I have not seen ads in FOSS Lemmy apps. Only one that created drama is Sync, and it is closed source with subscriptions and ads.

Maybe use AOSP Keyboard? It lacks swipe typing and fancy GBoard features.

Not open source, but nothing will improve your “Quality Of Life” like Gentle Wakeup alarm app, made by a doctor. No shitty alarms ever again.

Again, not open source, but it is not practical to live without Nova Launcher’s custom gestures for apps. I have dialler, NewPipe, music and maps all on one hand, thus having a decluttered home screen.

Other than decluttering and sleeping/waking up calmly, get 5-10 minutes of sunshine within an hour of waking up, and drink atleast a glass of water every 2 hours.

For “free”, you gained more freedom and peace than any FOSS app would give you.

Use Stitch instead of these garbage artificially exclusive apps.

Try dwm on some minimal distro installation.

Agreed. As a Netscape/Phoenix stan since late 90s, I sometimes do like the peeking feature on Ungoogled Chromium. Yes, I am a power user, but often I have one trillion tabs open with just the webpage tab icon barely visible, and need to check roughly what the tab is showing.

I would even propose there should be a very faint 1-2 pixel thick scrollbar so you can see how far you scroll on your hundreds of tabs left/right, similar to vertical tabs having a scrollbar for Tree Style Tabs.

Good morning, babe! Servo ended ages ago, and a lot of the performance improvements from it got absorbed into Quantum as l10n and Rust code. I was alpha testing Servo back in the day.

The easiest hack I have encountered is to install netinstall Debian, and then on top of it, again install same Debian, without configuring or touching anything. When Debian is installed for the first time, it writes those cdrom folder files, which Debian detects upon a reinstallation. As weird as this sounds, it works reliably, both on my SSD/HDD laptop and ancient desktop with single HDD.

Last month I dualbooted my old Windows 7 desktop with Debian 12 GNOME, works smoothly until I open 10+ Firefox tabs, a Spotify stream and a video in MPV, as it has 4 GB RAM.

around 2015/6 to give an option to connect all your accounts to your canonical account

Oh no, an option! Bet you lambast KDE too for their horrific telemetry module, because nobody does it like them. They even include a wallet thing.

yes snap […] Closed-source stuff

Opinion discarded. Snap is not closed source. Canonical’s repo is, but you could have your own snap repo.

And what is this “shit” thing they did? Snaps are technically superior to the beloved Flatpaks in Linux community.

Maybe check added repositories for needing to add a separate one, or try using YAST?

No, Snaps are the only packaging system capable of sandboxing and running system integrated programs.

Canonical has done something

Linux is mainstream solely because of Canonical/Ubuntu. End of story. No, there was no WINE or Valve doing that, they were only supplemental over time.

Is the FP reader Synaptic? It has no issues. I have not yet heard of a different FP reader on ThinkPads.

My belief is use the appropriate tool for the job, without inserting ideology into it. If I find Flatpak nice, I will use it. Same goes for Snap or AppImage. Linux package method wars are as dumb as Cola Wars or console/smartphone wars.

You may find yourself better suited with a throwaway free Spotify account, letting the algorithm suggest bands and songs based on your taste, and just noting down all of them. Spotify also allows exporting your account’s data, which includes music preferences, so that can work well. I am doing the same because it is just not feasible to discover by yourself.

Probably should have not liked Fedora Silverblue either? Or is it just illogical hivemind hatred?

Snaps are technically superior to Flatpaks. They allow running sandboxed system integrated programs, a capability no other packaging system has in existence. Cry.

For some reason I never found FreeTube working, or able to import my NewPipe .db file in it. So I use Newpipe on Android, and on Linux/Windows, Invidious links + yt-dlp. Works too well since years now.

FZF in Bash. For those wondering why Ctrl+R does not work in Terminal, https://web.archive.org/web/20231202002540/https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/665689/fzf-ctlr-r-not-triggering-history-search-on-command-line

And to avoid all the web browser player BS, use yt-dlp for any video link or worthwhile playlist. I just search and fetch video links from Invidious, or read comments on videos, so it ends up with practically zero bandwidth load on instance owners.

Cool, still will use FSearch, the Linux equivalent of Everything Search on Windows. FSearch + Thunar FM is a deadly combo on Linux.

“chineesium” is a thing.

Racism is also a thing and that is what you are practicing here. :)

Also I hope you never discover some of the knockoff Swiss Army Knives made in China, that have stronger steel than that of Victorinox. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5CipCDaQS0 Oops.

And there is nothing wrong with “Chinese”. China is the world’s manufacturing hub and its economy has surpassed that of USA.

ThinkPad never has had problems with Linux compatibility. You will get better (best) aftersales and better (best) third party parts availability, since it is “mainstream” and a business user brand.

Boutique Linux laptop shops just cannot compete on that.

My solution is to not use iPhone, so that they never have an option of iMessage for me. They will be forced to use non-Apple cross-platform IMs to talk, which they need anyways.

You will not have troubles with Lenovo aftersales or parts support, that is the greatest benefit I think. It means basically you can hack through and run a laptop down to the ground.

The authors of node-ipc have pushed malware in an update, which wipes your disk if you happen to have Russian or Belorussian IP address. This affects some large projects [@bantg, Twitter]
Relevant reading: https://github.com/zlw9991/node-ipc-dependencies-list https://web.archive.org/web/20220318095406/https://github.com/RIAEvangelist/peacenotwar/issues/45 https://security.snyk.io/vuln/SNYK-JS-NODEIPC-2426370