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That does not solve the problem. Its just an app installed onto the firetv. You do not replace the launcher or circumventing launch screen ads.

Which OS is good for this? Which remote can be used? I use my Stick to launch several apps like Plex, Smarttube Next, ARD Mediathek (German TV series). Not needing anything more. But a snappy remote and support for various audio and video codecs is key.

Good for you. It does not change my point though that a device which can stream media having ads not really has anything to do with more piracy.

Interesting. I am not really happy with mine. Pretty laggy and it sometimes crashes. But good to know and makes the wait easier instead of getting that old tech instead.

I got a 4K Max one because it was only 35€. I want to upgrade to a shield pro successor which is overdue by now.

That has nothing to do with piracy or not. Its just a device to play media. You can use a firetv to 100% stream pirated content via kodi or plex and still have to see this shit.

I am very happy with podcast addict on android. Powerful, not the cleanest ui though.