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That’s energy, not power. If that’s the energy consumption per hour, then that’s 120W, which is high but not outrageous with a full size computer with 6 disks.

App Store moderation (because this is what we’re talking about) is a hard and labor intensive problem. I’m not sure it can be done well enough at scale for free without introducing easily gained mechanics.

That said, this seems just a list of ways to blame someone else for messing up and getting scammed.

I was about to say, that’s an oddly specific request…

I don’t believe in backing up anything that is not user files. Pets vs cattle and all that.

Set your /home to a different partition, I know I already mentioned this but it will save your ass the first t*me you break your system and have to reinstall.

Also back up your fstab so you know what partition/disk UUID is what.

First subdomain. I think HA is completely right that proxy with a subpath is basically an anti-pattern that just makes things worse for you and is always a bad idea (with very few exceptions).

It’s only an “anti pattern” because app developers are, on the whole, lazy bastards that start out hard coding stuff and then get discouraged at the amount of work needed to fix things after the fact.

I should know: I am one of these people.

It’s crap, it’s best to roll with the punches and use a sub domain.

Add ons are just shitty packaging of other software. Just run the other software directly.

I took a look at HAOS and declared it to be junk. I admire your optimism, but you should too.

It’s aimed at a no man’s land of people that run HA but don’t know how to manage their own docker. It’s just weird.

And a bad one too. Modern LLMs can write flawless English at 7B.

The glacial pace of release will annoy the F out of all the shiny stuff chasers in this community.

Yeah, no.

It was one of the first that didn’t make you to want to tear your hair out, I’ll give them that.

The distribution shouldn’t matter a lot. Just look at your preferred tools and see what they package for.

Either he never heard of it or he decided he did not want to bother following the 200 page tutorial filled with fiddly bits.

I love it when I check out am applicants’ GitHub and run into a bunch of repositories with mods for hentai games.

It’s not some huge controversy. Almost everyone that works with/on X11 has thrown in with weyland years ago.

This is the contempt I’m talking about.

The problem is not GP’s window manager/desktop environment. It’s just that you fundamentally despise your readers.

That’s what people always underestimate about data recovery jobs: you need lots of space. One copy for safekeeping. One to work on. One disk of the same size you store recovered files on.

Whenever friends or family ask me to look at a disk I always tell them to give me the disk and two new ones of the same or greater capacity and I’ll give it a shot. Usually they discover the data isn’t that important after all. If it is I have all I need.

Germany has great internet. We provide about half of it.

These are 90s problems. Just open word files in o365 in chromium or Firefox.

Honestly, that fits my experience working at an itanium customer.

And good riddance. They were technological marvels, but the continuously slipping release dates made them obsolete the day they were released.

If we are doing online and non free, just use office365 or Google docs. At least your project mates won’t hate you.

You’re a manager not a developer.

You’re wrong. But the fact that you live this dichotomy so deeply is not a great sign.

It’s a business decision. Why would for example an app that’s only needed for a 24 hour event need to be maintainable?

Sometimes it’s ok to take the money and run. Feel free to make your case, but it’s not a developer’s call to make.

Oh fuck me for wanting to give my users what they want and make money right?

I must admit that I write that deliberately to annoy the “code quality is everything” brigade.

I have no issues prioritizing maintainability where needed, but in my experience people that dogmatically prioritize code quality are not honest with themselves. They almost never chase code quality in general. They are always looking to enforce some burdensome standard or specific tool or archaic process or fiddly CICD script, and if you push back they go cry in a corner about the abstract virtue of “code quality”.

Just be straight with me. You enjoy using type script. Tell me how it adds value to the product and the customer.

Stop trying to shame me into it. I can’t be shamed. I have no shame. I’m a professional software engineer.

Damn right. I care about getting features in the hands of my users. If code quality helps with that, if type script helps with that, I’m all in favor.

But the moment I care about code quality for its own sake you need to sack my ass like yesterday.

Honestly, it’s crappy all over.

The only vendor that has this figured out is Apple, and 1) that’s only because they rule the entire stack from silicon to app with an iron fist and 2) they still mess it up from time to time.

The packages in Debian stable are also about 30 years old.