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Yeah, those kinda puzzled me as well. They didn’t look like they’re varnished, but I suspect I could be wrong about that. After all, they do work, lol 😂.

The link doesn’t open, says connection refused 🤷.

Regardless, if it doesn’t require the bias pin, the mic is self-biased or biased through another source (use the same wire for the signal to get bias, this is easy, you just use a cap to decouple the signal from the bias).

It’s for bias to the mic. Condenser mics need it to apply bias to one of the leads of the mic so it can amplify the sound before sending it to the input of the card. Some mics don’t require that (self-biased) so in that case, the R pin (middle ring) goes to GND.

What do you mean by stereo wire? It’s got 3 contacts on the 3.5mm jack, that’s enough to transfer analog stereo (GND, L, R).

If the board refused to do either, the Microsoft executives would move to Plan B: using their company’s considerable leverage—including the billions of dollars it had pledged to OpenAI but had not yet handed over—to help get Altman reappointed as C.E.O., and to reconfigure OpenAI’s governance by replacing board members. Someone close to this conversation told me, “From our perspective, things had been working great, and OpenAI’s board had done something erratic, so we thought, ‘Let’s put some adults in charge and get back to what we had.’ ”

And you’re about to trust copilot with your info after them openly saying “we can do whatever the fuck we want” 😂?

IDK where things stand regarding VR and FPS games… maybe it’ll gap the bridge, make them popular again.

I doubt it, but we’ll see.

People are into stories now, some FPS games have good stories, but not all. It’s mostly RPG nowadays that takes a huge slice of the cake. Plus a lot of play on their phones, and you can’t really play FPS games on a phone, a mouse and a keyboard is absolutely necessary for that.

People are not that much into FPS nowadays… or so I’ve gathered. Plus it’s a really fast reaction game, people aren’t used to that. You have to be really really fast.

Maybe I’m wrong, IDK, I haven’t played it in a while, or the original QIII Arena, but back in the day, finding players online for it was a problem as well. It was just too fast for most people.

Yeah, it’s a well known fork of Quake III Arena. It’s good.

I was a forums guy back then. We did pick on each other, make stupid jokes on each other’s expenses, but it wasn’t taken to heart… like contruction workers roasting each other all day, that was mostly it 😂.

Wow… didn’t actually know that… sad 😔.

The video is kind of interesting… yes, I remember those days, and yes, there was a lot less bickering and fighting online.

But also OpenWRT.

Oh, come on 🤦.

Have to agree on that. SSD and RAM prices have gone down significantly.

I’d suggets Void. It has Ardour in the repo (not Reaper though) and PiperWire with JACK should work out of the box. If you want Reaper, you’d have to install it manually though. I’m working on a template for Reaper, but it’s not finished yet. If you’re willing to wait a month or so, you’ll probably have Reaper in xbps-src as well.

Do you know any other distro that’s not LFS or Gentoo that still supports x86? I said a lot, not everything. Most distros don’t support anything below 64-bits.

A fork supported PPC up until a while ago. That project halted though. There was a new spin on it, can’t remember the distro’s name though.

xbps-src can cross compile for MIPS. There are no packages in the repo for MIPS though.

Not even console locale did on my notebook, have to fix that setup sometime.

What exactly did you do that you couldn’t change your locale? You do know that you have to reconfigure glibc-locales afterwards.

And the installer is pretty barebones and a bit buggy.

What exactly is buggy about the installer?

Nononono, there are only two POSIX certified linux distros: K-UX and Huawey’s EulerOS.

POSIX certification costs money. There are a lot of distros and OSes that are POSIX compatibe, just not certified.

No, it’s not Arch without systemd. Arch breaks a lot more than Void does. Ask Void users when was the last time a Void update broke their system. I use it as a daily driver, plus for a lot of other things (at work and home) that are considered mission critical. I would never use Arch for that. Also, it’s faster than Arch, it supports A LOT more architectures than Arch does… or any other Linux distro for that matter (LFS excluded).

  • It doesn’t use systemd, it uses runit.

  • The repo is full of any software you might need, including proprietary (through xbps-src).

  • Everything just works, if it doesn’t it’s probably your fault.

  • It’s a rolling release distro, yet focused on stability and usabilty, so you won’t get the latest and greates, but instead builds that are known to be solid. For example the kernel, it’s not the latest, as is with Arch, but it’s maybe one or two minor versions behin. The same applies to software, they’re known to jump versions if the current build proves to be unstable.

  • Lightning fast boot up. It’s also the fastest distro there is, apart from the *BSDs.

  • Compiling and testing is a breeze thanks to xbps-src.

  • A lot of tools and scripts that make building templates for software not in the repo very easy.

  • Supports a lot of architectures. NetBSD is the only other POSIX OS that supports more architectures than Void.

There are other things, I’m sure, but these are the ones I can think of ATM.

Try Void. I was aiming at Arch as well, but then I stumbled upon Void… never made the switch to Arch.

Yeah, well, people are not like that around here. Once you buy something 2nd hand, that’s it, you’re stuck with it, no refunds, no replacements.

Systemd has gone way and beyond what was supposed to be a replacement for init.rc.

Most important thing… not ALL Linux distros include systemd as the default init system. That’s the beauty of Linux (and POSIX in general), you can choose.

One thing I’ve learned over the years dealing with PC tech is that spinning drives is the one thing you absolutely don’t buy second hand. Plus, you can’t find 4TB or above drives second hand here. People use them till they die or repurpose them.

Second hand PC parts are generally overpriced here. People wanna get like 70, 80% of the price they paid for them. There are some reasonable sellers, but as I said, they usually don’t sell drives or sell drives that no one would need anyway (250GB, 500GB, 1TB spinning drives).

Your last suggestion is kinda good to be honest, I might opt for that.

Well, the challenge is interesting though… but yes, you are correct.

Maybe… I could try FLAC, that might be a more viable option.

Ummm… I don’t live in the US and $50 is A LOT for me. My monthly salary is about $500. All of these 2TB drives are used and dicomissioned (replaced for larger one, they’re from work). I just don’t have the funds to replace them. The NAS is DIY as well.

And drives are not that cheap around here. They are, but not as cheap as in the US. SSDs are about the same price though… but our salaries are not.

I was afraid that this might be the only viable solution… I would do it, but it will take A LOT of time.

wav takes too much space, the collection will grown 5, 6 times the size… I just don’t have that much online storage at my disposal, my NAS is 4 x 2TB drives in RAID5, I have about 6TB at my disposal for everything (personal stuff as well as media).

I use the xfce CPU graph plugin for the CPU… don’t use anything for GPU, I don’t game and all my rigs run on onboard GPUs. There is also a temp plugin for xfce, I use that one as well, can’t remember the name now though… it requires libsensors to work.

Yeah, but that will be their second conversion thus far… 3rd if you count the original CD it was ripped from 😔. I do wanna avoid that.

I would rather tinker to be honest, I am that kind of a person, but currently, my family (kid) needs me. He’s young and needs guidance, playing, attention, etc. That is more important than tinkering with tech IMO.

Is there any way I can make an old XMMS plugin work in any modern player?
Long story short, I learned there is an XMMS release of a plugin I use in Winamp for music playback (mp3PRO). Sadly, I recoded most of my music to mp3PRO back in the day, and now I'm stuck using Winamp, even on Linux. I like the player, wouldn't change it, but I wanted to switch to something native, like Audacious or Qmms. But, this codec is abandonware and it only has a plugin released for XMMS back in 2005 (closed source, of course). Is there any way I can make this plugin work in any modern player? It's 32-bit only, but that's not a problem, I can just use the 32-bit versions of Audacious or Qmms (Void still has 32-bit builds of them in repo)... maybe like a wrapper or something... I would debug and do whatever it needs, I just need some pointers where to start looking and what to do exactly if I'm gonna have a shot at making this work. I tried loading the plugin in Audacious, it throws and error while loading, something xmms_config related (can't remember, I'm currently not at the PC I was testing this on), Qmms just says that it can't load the plugin. I presume GTK+ would be required and I'd bundle whatever libraries it needs with the plugin, just don't know where to start really... ldd would be a good start I guess, but I didn't run that 😂.

To be honest, sometimes it’s just easier to use Windows, for compatibility sake. Sure, I can install Office or Photoshop through Wine, but some software can just be a pain in the neck to install and use on Linux.

This is the main reason why I dual boot and will most probably for a very very long time. I just don’t have the time to tackle with these things ATM, real life is more important.

Your Steam Deck can do that too, have a look at what this dock does

Ah, of course 👍. Maybe like let him do the first few on his laptop and then be like “you know you can do that on the steam deck, right 😏” 😁.

Oh, that’s different then… I thought his dad was like “run Debian, or you’re grounded”, lol 😂.

I agree on the last part, that is most definitely true. You can try, but you can’t force it 🤷. After all, his/hers gifts may lay in another field, not tech 😉.

Yep, this is good as well. Use whatever suits the needs best, but I’d try and get him leaning towards the FOSS side - use other OSes only if you have to.

IMO, his aproach was too strict, that’s why it failed and just caused repulsion towards Linux. There are other ways you can “make” children like things.

Wow, just WOW 👏👏👏.

I wish there were more teachers like you in schools. Inspired people, in general… that’s what’s lacking in society nowadays 😔.

Is there a “universal” web UI for custom Linux NASes?
Got me thinking, cuz I've done my own solutions (not the popular ones, like OMV and the likes) and they work just fine, I really have no trouble managing them through the terminal, but I thought about other people (maybe people that like more managing things though a web UI) and I was like "is there something like this 🤔?". The other reason I'm asking is because I also freelance as IT solution/support and sometimes I do custom solutions for clients, like a NAS, and I would like to ease things a little user side. Sure, that will cut down on my fees, but I like client satisfaction and I think they will appreciate it ☺️.