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I don’t trust homophobes or cryptobros, especially not those with a history of selling users out like Brendan Eich

Zoom does legitimately suck though, but not for the reasons he thinks. Moreso from a privacy perspective.

Let him keep shit-talking Zoom until my employers switch to a better alternative!

First, many don’t appreciate the clutter from awards

Yeah, because the only award that ever mattered to most users was gold. They messed that up, and now they’re going to mess up even more.

I used to buy gold sometimes, which was always a waste of money but I could at least justify the $3.99 for the meme or whatever when I really liked somebody’s comment or post, but I never spent a single cent on awards after they implemented the extended rewards system. Those awards were always laughably bad. They even locked some for premium users only. Just absolute clowns running that place.

I’m … quite sure there were many posts about the issue on reddit, with one app in particular becoming paid and people actually losing access to some data, but either these posts have been deleted, or I’m tripping balls because I can’t locate them now.

I’m going to err on the side of not potentially slandering a dev further and delete my comment. I hope no damage was done.

The first thing that pops into my mind are all the LGBT+ people I know who live in places where they are at risk, and online forums are their safe space. From what I’ve seen on Facebook, a large number of bigots and trolls seem unashamed to act as such even when their identity is known, so I feel like sacrificing privacy and anonymity would cause far more harm than good.

They stand to benefit by having a de facto monopoly over email by exploiting their position as one of the biggest email providers in the world

“Monopoly” may not be the right word since Microsoft and Yahoo! also seem to be engaging in similar anti-consumer practices, but basically they seek to end the days of independently hosted email providers, which is obviously not good for us

I’m still looking for a search engine that doesn’t use data from my IP address to provide targeted results. In the meantime, I’ve gone back and forth between using SearXNG instances and using Startpage, but there’s really not a decent search engine in existence, from what I can tell.