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It also basically undoes all of the security and privacy features of Signal.

I’d like to have a source for this claim, please.

I have an invite link that may get you in faster. Let me know if you want it and I’ll send it to you in a direct message. I’ve already sent it to

I don’t believe there’s a wait list anymore. You should be able to just download it from an app store for free. In the future, they’ll release a premium version that will require payment.

They spent around $750,000 building that iMessage bridge…shame…However, there are many people self-hosting and still using iMessage on Android…that will, likely, get smacked down soon. I’ve used Beeper since the early Beta (a little over three years now) and I love it.

I’m not sure about all of the features but you could look into

The world will be a better place the day after every serious news media organization leaves twitter and tells all their journalists they cannot use it as anything other than an original source to what a specific public figure has to say.


I’ve been with Beeper since beta testing and use it with Discord. iMessage works fine for me btw. If anyone wants an invite, then I’d be happy to give you one.

I haven’t seen a single bit of advertisement for the last 15 years.

Same…weird how most people don’t know about ad blocking strategies.

I’ve had iMacs and iPhones ONLY (no MacBooks) for 16 years with no problems.

I switched from Windows to Apple back in 2008…I have never regretted it.

Some days I just have to unplug and spend the entire time outdoors.

Interesting! What, precisely, have psychedelics healed him from?

The obsession with numbers (the more the better) is a major blinding effect in societies driven by hierarchical cultures.

So true!

Back in the day I used IRC but prefer Signal and Matrix now. I, also, use an email client.

Way back then, how did you spend your time while having a satisfying bowel movement?

Roughly a year ago, I was in the market for a major vehicle upgrade since my 2008 Prius was showing its age. I, really, wanted to be able to get a fully electric vehicle. However, I live in a rural area and there just isn’t enough charging stations to make it practical yet. So, I got a 2022 Toyota Prius (Hybrid) AWD. I’m very happy with this vehicle and it has all the modern bells and whistles as most EVs do.

By the time I’m in the market again for another vehicle, I have a feeling that there will be enough charging stations to finally get an EV. The BYD HAN looks amazing and I’m happy that this company has an easier price point.

In your second sentence, please remove/change the ‘r’ word. It is considered a slur and is not nice. Thanks.

There are several apps that offer more features and more privacy than iMessage and are officially supported (not relying on unofficial hacks) on every modern smartphone.

Like Signal and Element X, right?

Fix for Beeper Cloud is done, rolling out patch to all users now (3.5 hours remaining til everyone is fixed). No need to contact Beeper Help regarding this issue.

Testing fix for Mini now. Will require app update.

We realize how incredibly inconvenient this is for you. It’s super annoying that Apple is penalizing their own customers and Android users who just want secure and encrypted chats.

We understand if you choose to disable the iMessage bridge at this time. We’ll try to stabilize this and get you back in future.

  • Eric Migicovsky (Beeper Founder)

And the following as well:

Phone number registration is not working yet. All users must now sign in with an AppleID. Messages will be sent and received via your email address rather than phone number. We’re currently working on a fix for this.

Because I participated in the closed beta I get Beeper free for life. I’ve been using Beeper now for almost 3.5 years and I love it.

Surprisingly, no one reported this as being off-topic. Memes do not belong here. Locked and removed.

The ‘r’ word is considered a slur and is NOT nice…Please. be(e) nice at Beehaw. Thanks.

What can you tell me about Bluesky?
I just received my invite code today and took a quick look around the app. Like Mastodon I **do not** prefer microblogging platforms. And that's all I know about Bluesky. So, what can you tell me about this project?

What are some of the ‘best’ Lemmy apps for Android?
(single quotes around *best* for subjectivity) I'm trying to get all of my Android using friends and family into the Fediverse. I'm an iOS user, so I have no idea about Android apps.

I was on the beta testing team and have been using Beeper for a little over two years now. The convenience of having an application to house all of your chat networks is amazing.

Lemmy mobile apps worth mentioning
(Please provide your Lemmy app recommendations in the comments) There are two apps, in particular, that I am testing. [Mlem]( (iOS) & [memmy]( (iOS & Android) Both are plugging away and looking very good.

No bullshit...and works great

I have been using this FOSS for a little over 5 years now. Absolutely hands down best password manager experience I've ever had. I cannot think of one downside to this software. Easily used across all of my devices seamlessly.

Eric Migicovsky is a generous man
8 months ago I prepaid an entire year subscription in order to skip the wait list for the [Beeper]( beta testing group. Today, I wrote the following to the development team: > I've been alpha/beta testing for decades and have enjoyed every moment starting with Gmail and Orkut. > I know that I have pre-paid for one year and I want your team to have my remaining subscription time as a donation. > I wish all of you the best and I'll spread your service, by word of mouth, amongst everyone I know that may be interested in your product. > I, personally, do not have enough chat contacts to warrant my continued subscription. > Please, delete my account with Beeper and let me know when you have done so. > Thank you again for allowing me to test your brilliant software. And I thought I wouldn't hear anything from them and just be silently removed. But... [Eric Migicovsky]( wrote back: > Hi Chris, it’s Eric. Thanks for testing and working with us over the last few months! We’re sorry to see you go. Is there any chance we might be able to win you back as a user in the future? If so, it would be better for us to leave your account open, but disabled. It would be really hard to recover your account in future, and someone else might grab your username. As a thank you for your help, I would be happy to offer you free service on Beeper for life! I have already canceled your subscription so you will not be billed again, ever. - Eric