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not that open - I tried to run rm -rf in the terminal and it did nothing.

bunches of refurbished t-series thinkpads out there - t480, t430, etc. apparently the 490 is one to avoid. I got a t470 some months back for $150 - put mint on it and have been very happy with the performance.

got a t470 refurb for $150 last year and have been very happy with it.

this should be a sticky for the community. simple, concise, answers the major questions.

been rockin kde neon for the last little while, but also really like mint

hoohoo! Linus pulled a scream test and then forced the naysayers to maintain the crap they want. rofl

xorg is going to die eventually. probably long after the xorg fanbois, but it will die - and wayland or something better will take its place.

what’s up with this? I see this school of thought bandied around quite a bit recently. wayland… it’s a protocol. do they hate tcp/ip too? can they boycott that instead?