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[…] there were rumours some French guy got arrested and had his LUKS encryption fail on him, so you never know.


can confirm that tuxedo is great if you are in Europe. It has been my daily driver for 3 years with debian sid and it’s great!

also, there is not a “specific default”, I don’t care about debian and even if I’m not using since longtime in this thread stupidity has been expressed :P

I’ll defend your right to edit your comments if you’ll defend my right not to be bothered by u, ciao

which then I mean, if you don’t have an attention span that lasts at least until the end of other people’s comments, what are you doing here :D

you obviously can’t use sudo visudo if you’re not already in the sudoers file LOL - is the same security, which you also desire, as having a spare set of keys in the bowl at the entrance to your house, where, however, no one comes unless they already have a key to open the door

also let’s be curious about the things we copy-paste in order to prove whatever theory: in literally the first line of your bashrc non-login shells are named. What are those non-login? If we need to defined them like that, do also we have a non-non-login ones? How do they get executed? How do they get initialized? Let’s explore and understand some new stuff (that we should have learned already, but who cares, it’s not our job!)

lol I’m not defensive at all, I swear I don’t need that :D. The theme here is that you keep thinking you don’t have an ass because you’re looking for it on your forehead instead of between your butt cheeks :D

What we can already see:

  • sudo is indeed installed, and in path
  • bash is running since system is newly installed => /usr/bin is obviously in path (bash lives in /usr/bin/bash)

set | grep ^PATH will show that /usr/bin is indeed in path, also the fact that grep runs tell it path is correct, since grep lives in /usr/bin/grep :)

that said, your user isn’t in the sudoers file because you choose to give login access to root during install (which is strange, because no sudo package get installed if you choose that, so you probably made some other strange not-obvious thing), and no, groupadd can’t be run by the user you keep being after a failed sudo invocation (of course you can invoke it w/ the fully qualified path which is /usr/sbin/groupadd w/ /usr/sbin not in user’s path because the binary here usually require high permissions).

now you have a chance to learn something: where is PATH env var configured? Is it in your home or outside? Why and how it gets parsed?

cmon, let’s explore a bit my good boy, let’s be curious about the world that is not wrong by default and only we are right ;) let’s learn stuff, for real

beside op’s bashrc fud, it’s a common newbie misconception that testing and sid are not stable like some kind of exotic experimentation would make them so. It is more a stabilization process in respect to the project’s policy/processes and you will definitely find /usr/bin in pathh in either testing and sid rofl

I looked it up and realised that /usr/bin wasn’t on the bashrc path.

lol, no. PEBKAC

still not the point. Is it my own damn fault if I think it’s stupid to pass this bolus of text? :D

no need to be sorry

the little effort involves taking the piss, just taking ourselves less seriously, we’re only messing around online. And btw no info in neofetch is relevant :P

I’m glad you can scroll horizontally, but the point I was making is that the action of posting that bolus of rubbish remains stupid 🤷🏼

neither did debian, flat/snap/fart shits are an abomination that came with the unavoidable eternal september of mass adopting tech stuff

totally irrelevant and irrespectfully hard to read for ppl volunteering to helpdesk you

it’s obviously the same in github OP don’t know what is talking about lol

They also require new accounts to add CC

just FYI you can still register w/o a cc but the option is hidden, only reachable via ‘sign in’ and then ‘register’: https://gitlab.com/users/sign_up

that said they’re shit and need to die

  1. It supports a lot of atifact repository formats while GitLab only docker registry.

not true https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/user/packages/package_registry/supported_package_managers.html

that said, I hate gitlab and their commercial choices, they must die

Lemmy is regressing

it is not lol, you are just realising that you are not part of any elite for the simple reason of using it

I don’t know man, the important thing is that you stay calm while I continue to mind my own business. Say hello to the computer vegans from me, and ofc stay hydrated :P and please, PLEASE, do not mumble 3h again your next response sweetie <3

hahaha I swear to you that seeing you strain so hard to push your fallacies who knows where makes me laugh. Believe it or not, there remains a world of people out there laughing at those who use this garbage, and your social media woes will not, as usual, shift half an ounce of reality :) believe it or not, lemmy is not reality, outside those servers there is a real world :) but please, feel welcomed to keep supporting I don’t know what theory, you’re welcome, at least at this party :PP

lol I’m not defensive at all hahahaha rest assured my opinions aren’t changed by such a stupid zealot conversation, also this fact you don’t entirely read comments you’re replying about contibute to the lulz. Don’t react too bad to the money thing, one day or another you could also start working in this industry but if I could choose I’d go w/ dog training (I’m speaking for me, I’d really go that way). Cheers my friend

actually I’m not sure of the qualities you go looking for online, certainly not the solidity of solutions that you seem to be looking for 🤷but ehi, I’m not here to judge! Cyao :*

you normally skip reading half of the comments you reply to, eh? :) ciao ciao from my debian system which does everything, including paying my rent and a bit more, w/o this shit ;)

don’t worry, in time you will learn to think about the consequences of the solutions you now think are resolutive 😉

are you sure you would this something like that on your devices? Because I’m not sure if you reasoned enough about that monstruosity you randomly propose here :D

you’re at best uninformed about how the process actually works and what’s the role of a distro maintainer, a distro project, upstream authors. Not that every piece of software has enough value to be included in this process so maybe it will make sense to package your stuff by yourself.

tbf, flatpaks are problematic shit noobs tend to appreciate because reasons. That said, beside the fact steam ships its own chroot, I’m a happy sid user and I don’t even have this imaginary problem of things being ‘very old’ sooo … but I can confirm you shouldn’t add weird third party repos or shitty flatpaks :)

I see no value in switching from current situation (in-repo deb pkg + steam autoupdates) to flat/snap/farts, which I don’t use at all…

I use debian, I’m happy and definitely have no idea what you are talking about :)

it’s not 2-way vs 1-way sync (also, ppl who replied didn’t read your requirements lol), it’s that you want to ignore deletes, which is not possible.

I’m using debian sid and I’ve got no problem in using xorg until today so I’d say you are wrong :)

which is in fact the only productive choice one can do :) when distro will force switch, then we will see