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Spurred on by morbid curiosity and a fatalistic assumption that this couldn’t possibly not be a thing, I arrived at the homepage of this monstrosity.

A Linux desktop for serious developers, unlike all the other Linux distros, which, when you try to run gpp, instead run Minesweeper in fullscreen mode, and when you try to access your git repo through the command line instead minimize the terminal window and open tabs in a browser with Facebook and Instagram. No, in order to be a serious developer, you definitely need Project Bluefin.

I use Tumbleweed, but I am very aware that openSUSE has the absolute worst logos on the scene—and that this contest will do nothing to change that. Sad.

Hey, let’s keep posting about browsers all day, every day. Why would we want any other topics? Let’s beat this dead horse a fortieth time.

This one is degoogled and running e/OS/. I don’t know anything about the company that offers it or their services, though. Seems like you can optionally set up the phone with a user account supplied by them in much the same way as you’d use a Google account on stock Android.

He is not a very experienced Linux user and needs help understanding the messages you see in the screenshot. There are about 40 different clues to suggest this in his post, including the fact that he posted the question in the first place—but apparently you missed all of them. How embarrassing for you.