I bought a little x86 tablet for $50 with no OS on it. Surprisingly, it works great. I loaded Mint 21.1 (with XFCE) on there and everything “just worked”! But as you can imagine, everything was very tiny, and using the touch screen was mostly impossible.
Before I go heavily modifying my Mint XFCE installation, and wind up with less-than-optimal results, I wanted to ask if there’s an x86 Linux distro for tablet/mobile? I just tried Debian 12 with Phosh, and am surprised how bad Phosh was. It couldn’t even size apps properly. For instance the address bar of the web browser is hidden by the UI Toolbar. So you can open the browser, but you can’t use it. Same for most other apps. I might try an absolutely clean install and see if it makes things better, but does anyone know of any Linux DE for mobile that will run on an x86 tablet?

It’s Linux like macOS is BSD.


Only in a very loose sense. MacOS has some BSD userland and a custom kernel with some bits and pieces taken from BSD (and the also-related Mach). Android has an actual Linux kernel, which I can plainly see when I build it from source.

In any case, my comment was meant only as a light-hearted way to point out that Android has the portability that OP would need to get a usable OS on a tablet.


MacOS is actually a registered Unix.

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