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I think in my part of europe cable is the only realistic solution, every home cellular thing has a download limit. All of the cable offerings here are flat

A serious question - when will nvidia stop selling their products and start asking for rent? Like 50 bucks a month is a 4070, your hardware can be a 4090 but thats a 100 a month. I give it a year

Dude you don’t get to decide what I’m angry about. The term is extremely inaccurate, you don’t sideload shit on your computer, right? It’s yours. I don’t sideload shelves, I put them on my wall. So I’d say the offensive part is that somebody who gets my money gets to decide if I own something.

That’s always my trigger, fucking ‘sideloading’. Jesus christ it’s installing shit. Installing. There was never a need for such a pissy horrible concept in the firstplace, a bootlicking special if there ever was one

I don’t know, I keep replying to things. It’s about linux not being this magical solution and everybody in the world stupid for not using it? It’s about people not being able to drop their shit and move their work where it can’t be moved, to an os that’s radically different?

Oh I don’t “need” it at all, like I don’t “need” my job, electricity or running water. Autodesk shit, some other things. Imagine - it doesn’t work on anything except windows. And it’s like that for 70 or 80 percent of my colleagues (there are things for apple). And let me tell you, Autodesk barely want to make thigs work on windows, they hate their customers for real

The point is that we need things that work to keep working. Not pass the shit to the poors, keep using what works

I guess most of the world is stuck jerking off to oss instead of working whatever their professions are. Anyway, we get windows 10 support until 2028 I guess? So nobody cares about all of this shit anyway. Oh, and for the dudes with the idea of sending western used crap to poor kids… wow

I’m called the vast majority. I can’t use my software on wine because it’s not supported by my vendors. It’s nice that you use things, but try working in architecture, civil engineering and construction and let me know how that works for you.

Let me be even more condescending - I use things I need to do my work. I don’t jerk off to linux or windows. If there was an option to move to mac I would do it. That’s using a thing like normal person, you use thing get money

It’s not possible. I need software that runs only on windows, so as much as I’d like to I can never switch. The only thing I can do is maybe do a vm passthrough thing - except I don’t want to spend a couple of grand on a new pc. People have jobs, real jobs, we have to work instead of fucking around distro hopping. A whole bunch of people could possibly switch to linux, but it’s still such a major pain in the ass that nobody will do it unless they are forced into it. Expect hacked win 11 installs

This is complete and utter bullshit. We have enough of everything to start solving housing this second. Workers aren’t a problem, locations aren’t a problem. We lack the political will to do it, read: we don’t want to do it. Having “AI” tell you why you don’t want to do it is just wasteful

Ai has literally nothing to with that. We can do housing this second if we wanted to do it

For some reason I always felt they were not trustworthy, like years and years. This doesn’t come as a surprise

Yes! Thank you so much for checking, this means I can finally start using it 😁


It works for real! The interface is still a bit clunky but holy hell the tags make a world of difference for me. Amazing!

Thanks, it’s something I can never find out without installing, heartbroken about it

Yeah, let me just change my profession real quick, fuck the 20 years I have invested. I’ll just do a tapdance on my eyelashes for the neckbeards and everybody will be happy weee

Having an option to choose s3 inconveniences most humans? Wtf? And the clearly broken option is good? Are we on reddit?

Such a serious company and grownups. No wonder all the nft dudes are so into ‘ai’

I’m sure there are use cases, it’s just that there’s much too much hullabaloo about it all. Some people can get something out of it, they’ll fire their workers, that’s about it. But I can’t use it for shit because I want to control what’s being done, don’t do text processing at all. But I smell the crypto dudes that are clinging to the whole thing, a dripping mess of turds wanking off to fanciful stories about ai. It’s language models all the way down

This is what pocket would like to be when it grows up.

I’m not. I’m implying american grownups are acting like children. Oh, and it seems apple will implement some form of compatibility with the android thing, whatever the name is

Wait, apple is bullying people who use android phones? Sure is a trip

It’s american highschool bully culture. The rest of the planet solved this by using other messengers or simply not being cunts. Guess that approach is another thing that can’t be done in the land of the free

He’s a stupid man. But he’s also sitting on mbs dick, so he does what daddy says

Well this is sort of a non issue, I can say I feel the same way when I have to open Chrome. Weird ui, doesn’t do what I want it to do, no middle click to open new tab, it’s so annoying because the firefox way is objectively better. So I’m saying the only objective thing about UI is giving people choice

Who gives a fuck? It’s not our problem if it’s not feasible, they can find ways of making money without living in our asses. Or they can make a bit less money - they can buy less latte and guacamole etc

I want to ask if any of these apps has a proper implementation of tags? Like they are done in Omnivore - you can select more than one tag (easily) and so you can actually use tags the way they should be used, combine them, get a view of your data the way you organized it. Tried Joplin a long time ago and was basically told to fuck off for asking about this, doesbit work now?

If somebody told me it’s past time to commit I’d commit to calling them a cunt. What a horrible horriblw cunt

it’s probably not the best place to say this, but it’s a shame. Twitter had real use and this bastard used his reverse midas touch on it to the detriment of all of us who aren’t nazis. Well I hope his sheik boss lets him suck him off now as a reward

Yeah, I was hoping freecad would get a bigger push after Autodesk screwed people over with fusion. Still it’s going, slow but going

Yeah, it’s the first alternative I like. It’s not foss but we really really suck at foss anyway

Tried a bit of bricscad, have to say it’s wonderful just not using autodesk evil ooze. Maybe you can try emailing them so they can give you a discount?

Anyway, here with inventor, a horrible choice I’m stuck with

Exactly zero days because you can’t compare being a fatass with being racist. That’s pretty dumb