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Have you looked into VSCodium and a HTML Plugin?

Also lots of Node stuff can render static pages on build.

You should absolutely know the basics if you’re going to help write documentation but you certainly don’t need to be a veteran. I am a pretty mediocre programmer but I help FOSS projects with documentation all the time.

In 2020 they were attempting to add HID support for CDJs. Does anyone know how far along that effort is? I would LOVE to convert my library from Rekordbox to Mixxx and just bring a little laptop to a gig instead of hoping and praying that LINK mode works.

Wait really? I can build an ATX Arm system? I’m a SBC whore but I never even considered a full desktop build…

I wonder what in the Arm world compares GPU-wise with what Apple is doing…

I cannot imagine how difficult and rewarding the work doing this must be. I wish I was a good enough programmer to get involved.

This is technically very false. Windows most definitely is not “free” as in air or beer. It’s license fee is reduced to 0 but there most certainly is still a license and businesses pay out the ass for them. macOS also has a license, but it comes with the hardware. Technically, you cannot install macOS on non-mac hardware, per EULA, but there’s no license check outside of hardware support, which is the space the hackintosh world comes in.

Verify your dependencies! Also check the release comments for tips and tricks.

yeah the entire market segment is riddled with cheap chinese shit to downright fraudulent devices.

Yeah I did a bit of reading. I was about to blame the no-name Chinese storage! There’s so much garbage nvme stuff floating around lately.

Hopefully people take the source and release a full walkthrough on doing this with an entirely off-the-shelf design. I’ve got a full electronics workshop and two 3d printers and would LOVE to assemble my own music player with open source designs.

Traditionally the barrier to enter the hardware market has been absurd but fabrication has come a LONG way and the libre-computer movement is having a hayday right now! Lots and lots of interesting hardware and specifications are coming out. RISC-V is going to be massive once the toolchains, compilers, and binaries are more mature and faster hardware has come out.

Was it just one bad stick? When you’ve identified one slot that’s acting up, shuffle the remaining sticks around to rule out the socket going bad.

That’s hilarious. I was a full time IT admin earlier in my career and still have run Linux full time for well over a decade now. For anything proprietary, i have a qemu image.

Of course, now I’m a DevOps admin so I get play with linux all day, for $$$! Hundreds of servers of all distros! Ubuntu, Cent, RHEL, Alpine containers… My big task this year is to get off Docker/Mesos and into OCI/Kubernettes. It’s going to be an incredible project.

LOL This is what happens when you run closed source garbage. Nothing is in your control.

I’m not arguing against flatpaks I’m just calling the number suspect to meaningless as a metric.

What is controlling the SATA drivers? A lot of times the stuff that comes on motherboards isn’t the greatest and getting a dedicated storage controller allows you to saturate the drive much more thoroughly. Specially if they have big caches.

Well if there’s an application that the developer only releases a flatpak for, do I have a choice in being one of those million if there’s no easy way to compile it myself? What if I’m a newbie linuxer and cannot get all the dev tools installed?

By choice or by force? I’ll take flatpaks over Appimages and literally rocks over snaps, but what is this metric actually saying?

I would so much rather run AMD than Nvidia for AI.

Thanks for the link! As long as it’s being worked on I feel comfortable spinning up an instance. I’ve been meaning to do gitea for a while so I’m glad I waited.

did they get federation working?

Because minor patches are not always worth installing. If there’s a new exploit you should update immediately but you dont need to give a shit that every python package has a minor update. The point of a rolling release is to give you the option to use the latest and greatest.

Fair point! I really wish there was a native Firefox build for Arm too.

This is specifically to provide a native package that isn’t a snap. RPMs are not the hell that is snaps.

I switched over immediately on my in work machine

With a rolling release you don’t need to install every update every single day. You just need to remember to occasionally update to the latest. Updating every day on a rolling release is actually kinda dangerous. I wouldn’t recommend that in practice. Why not configure an auto-install script? You could probably make a systemd unit file that does a pacman -Syu overnight, if it can.

Here – someone did it already - its in aur -

5 minutes later:

Holy shit, installing Windows is miserable! Fedora works OOB! For no reason, neofetch!

No one ever promised infinite compatibility forever. It’s most certainly NOT a microshit product.

I bought a NUC with quad core intel atom 12th gen, 16gb of ram, and 512 NVME for about the same price. mine came with a power supply, case, cooling, and has regular ports so I don’t need a fucking micro hdmi adapter.

Id recommend avoiding Orange anything until they can unfuck their flashing software.

Fucking windows-only chinese shitwear. Fuck Orange Pi. I’ll never buy another one.

Valve was essentially LATE to the handheld market, they just had the technical and company will to do it the best.

Microsoft has never, since inception, been able to ship an embedded Windows that wasn’t a festering pile of dog shit.

I really need to get into Woodpecker.