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Snapchat and Google Docs are the only two non-FOSS apps I can’t shake off.

It would be cool to have a Snapchat clone based on Briar.

Google docs because I don’t trust myself with my own data, I always end up delteting important documents cause I save them to random locations when cleaning house. Having it all in once place, with autosync, search and a nice powerful mobile interface is really convenient.

Check out NixOS Containers

Also: “NixOS’s declarative configuration allows you to define your entire system configuration, including software packages, services, and system settings, in a single configuration file.”



the aliens watching me for entertainment: oh no, he has installed gentoo and qubes, he is too far gone

i don’t understand discord’s popularity at all. it’s so annoying to use

Yes, for the record: I am solely interested in the lewd stuff, nothing else.

anyone wanna give me access to their compute cluster… for science?

the color scheme of that icon physically hurts to look at

I wouldn’t be surprised if they block long strings of numbers to protect against injections

great, now how do I use it together with the ‘feather’ command?

This is the first one that’s actually attractive to me, mostly because the screen didn’t impress me on earlier models. I hope it comes down in price by 200€ or so.

they can pass another completely ineffective law that they can point to to get reelected to then give more money to lockheed martin

Using belts instead of chains would also make sourcing all the parts much easier, like in ye olde steam powered workshops.

Efficiency isn’t that big a deal anyway when you use abundant power like water or wind.

Yeah it is pretty cool in that regard. I was just wondering how it compares and thought it might be interesting for others.

I would be cool to optionally hook up wind power up to it too. You can easily DIY one with more than 1000 kW peak power, which is athlete levels of output for a human.

Depending on your useage and size of tank, intermittency shouldn’t be a problem, but if it is, you can always slap on the bike again.

You loose around 30% of energy from the sun through the atmosphere, plants are about 3% efficient at turning light into sugar, humans are about 25% efficient at turning food into mechanical energy, so you are only about 0.525% efficient at turning energy from the sun into human power on earth. So you this device is only about 0.231525% efficient at turning solar power into usable work.

Assuming 80% efficiency for the electric variant, 20% efficiency for solar panels, 90% efficiency for robots to turn electricity into mechanical work, that’s 14.4% efficient. Then it’s like 62.196307 times more efficient to become a solar electric android and pedal on it in space.

On Android, Google Maps, Google Docs et al., Snapchat and the various plant identication apps.

I wonder how efficient it is. Let’s say the bike is 90% efficient, the pump is 70% efficient and the pneumatic power tools are 70% efficient, so you get 44.1% efficiency.

If you give or take 10% from/to each of those, you can get as low as 28.8% efficient or as high as 64% efficient.

If you build the electic equivalent (generator, battery and electric powertools) it is probably twice as efficient or more. Pedal for only a half to a third as long.