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Being in control of who sees my post. Lemmy still lacks more granular post visibility like Mastodon does. If I restrict a message to followers on Mastodon, I know just they would see it, and so would their current instances which are much smaller and fragmented. Compared that to any social media where that’s going to easily be tracked on both sides. Federating with threads doesn’t change this. Also as you said, lack of analytics is nice. Privacy could definitely be improved though. Mastodon direct messaging is still weird and really should use e2ee.

Sick, I get tons of more interesting content while being with a Mastodon instance I trust, a nice FOSS client to explore the content, and keep my privacy! If this actually bothered me, I could simply click the three dots and block the instance, so surely that shouldn’t be a big deal, right?

I’ll just use AdBlock and get best of both worlds. You also have no idea what kagi is doing with your data, it’s inherently eventually unprivate since it relies on a login. There is nothing wrong with ads, and they keep the service free and able to use it anonymously. The search results on free search engines are also the product here, since they only get paid from using them for results. All products require a userbase so that doesn’t even make sense.

Give a kid the arch install wiki and a computer with the USB iso ready to go. Tell them they aren’t allowed food until they install it and run neofetch.

Web engines are so insanely complex that you can’t just create a new viable competitor without millions on fundings. They’re practically as complex as operating systems themselves.

I had a GTX 1080 and swapped to an AMD graphics card. I didn’t reinstall my Fedora Linux distro, instead it “just worked” as soon as I booted. It was very strange coming from Nvidia to have it just work lol. It’s probably best to uninstall the Nvidia drivers after that though, and make sure there’s no blacklists in your boot settings still.

You get banned cuz you post dumb useless shit like this. Take your meds bro

This is very specific and niche without a good reason to exist, so I doubt this exists.

One that is relatively up to date with their graphics drivers. Then just install steam/lutris flatpaks and go crazy. Performance difference is pretty much negligible once it’s set up.

Yeah maybe it’ll be ready by 2030 lol. I don’t know why XFCE development is so incredibly slow

XFCE with polish/feature parity of Gnome (with Dash-to-panel), and Wayland support.

Qogir Theme with square buttons option. I frequently swap between XFCE and Gnome, and it works very nicely on both. I like the big square window buttons, like how windows does it, because it makes it easier to click rather then a small circle like most themes. Also I just like the look better.


Companies like Denuvo make a shit load of money because that statement is blatantly untrue. They essentially make games be delayed in being pirated, which does objectively increase sales.

Serious question, when is intellectual property being pirated/stolen (pirating a movie for example), not cause the studio to lose something? You can say that person would’ve not watched it in the first place, but there’s really no evidence suggesting that to be true, and plenty to the contrary. Things that want to be open for knowledge, like open source software or Wikipedia, are consenting to be open, which is in their license. It’s not stealing from them because of their license, so why is it also not stealing when there is a license preventing them from doing so? I’m referring to a digital context btw, where pirating is glorified copy&paste over the internet and nothing is technically physically stolen.

Comments like these really make this feel like this is astroturfing. It makes no sense to shill for a product this hard, let alone a really privacy invasive one that is worse the free alternatives.

DDG proves literally all of that false. Also just use AdBlock with it. Elaborate on it working in private browsing without needing to login.

Typically every search query on Kagi will call a number of different sources at the same time, all with the purpose of bringing the best possible search results to the user.

But most importantly, we are known for our unique results, coming from our web index (internal name - Teclis) and news index (internal name - TinyGem). Kagi’s indexes provide unique results that help you discover non-commercial websites and “small web” discussions surrounding a particular topic.

They just proxy searches and then sort them lol. Definitely caching thrown in there too, as if that even changes anything. You’re paying $10/mo for that when DDG does the same thing for free.

My comment says search engines. I specifically said that because I was not including Google. I know you specifically mentioned Google because other privacy search engines prove what you say as false. By that logic literally everything with consumers is a product, that’s such a vague statement.

Kagi doesn’t index, it’s Google results as a proxy. That’s literally what Searx does, and it’s free. The issues you said with needing to pay for search is solved with Searx even if you claim it doesn’t, it does. Also other search engines like DDG does a crawler + bing results is funded by ads, they’re profitable. The mental gymnastics to pay for a shitty service makes no sense to me, but you do you if you want to support this terrible practice. Not to mention the numerous other issues I listed that you ignored.

Searx could use Kagi though.

Lol that makes no sense, and it probably violates Kagi’s ToS. You’re running a self hosted proxy through a service that’s just a proxy for Google results. Just set Searx to search Google for the exact same thing.

“If you aren’t paying for something, you are the product” sounds nice, but isn’t true. Advertisment can exist and you can still not the product.

Instead it somehow makes more sense to pay for a privacy invasive search engine that requires a login, requires cookies, and doesn’t work in private search.

There is no law in the requiring data logging in the US, nor is it required to comply with FBI security data requests. This has been fought for and won in court and beat out gag orders over the subject. It is also deemed a violation of the first amendment.

Why the hell would you pay for search when the free competitors are just better

Also it’s automatically not private when it requires a login. They know exactly what user is searching what, and basically breaks search in incognito mode. Also people love more accounts to manage.

“If it’s free then you’re the product” isn’t even true when search engines are ad supported, so stick with the much better free alternatives.

If you really want to pay while not having to login, self-host a searx instance and you’ll be logging your own data. You’ll have complete control, it’s significantly cheaper, and it’s far more private without having to even login.

alias upgrade="sudo dnf upgrade --yes && flatpak update && flatpak remove --unused"

Or something like that, also a dnf remove unused command in there. Writing this from my phone so might be written wrong.

Ackshully they’re called guilds 🤓

You can check the beehaw writeup if they didn’t defederate already. They’ve been having too many issues with Lemmy, and it’s been a battle with the developers. On Element desktop you can disable sending read receipts, but not mobile which is stupid.

The organization does suck, I do agree with that. It still needs a lot of UX improvements too. Though you can turn off read indicators in the settings, and I feel like it is a lot faster then commenting on Lemmy. Lemmy being written in rust is actually causing a lot of issues. It’s not a good language for web applications and it’s really starting to show. It also hasn’t prevented security issues either.

Synapse, the most up to date matrix server, is really slow and resource intensive for sure. But, it’s currently in middle of being replaced with Dendrite. It doesn’t support all the bleeding edge features, but Dendrite has caught up enough to be able to run servers just fine now. In fact Dendrite is light enough to be ran in the mobile Element client, or at least that’s the plan in the near future while they work on p2p. You can read more about it here: https://matrix-org.github.io/dendrite/faq

If you actually tried spaces, you’d realize they’re incredibly clunky and not even close to discord rooms. You can’t even search for them. They’re not quite there yet, they leave a lot to be desired.

Kind of a mix between Discord and IRC. Although it doesn’t have servers like Discord and is more of individuals rooms. In fact they made bridges an important feature, so an IRC room and Matrix room can be merged together without either side really noticing a difference. Same with Discord and a ton of other programs.

Been waiting for this for a long time! Another thing that’s been on the horizon I’m eagerly waiting for is p2p. They’ve been working on Dendrite, which is a much more efficient Synapse, and the goal is to be efficiently running it to effectively running it on your own device as like an invisible self-host. They’re working on MXIDs as well so @hostname.com wouldn’t be a thing anymore. P2p with all this other tech would make Matrix really the privacy holy grail imo.

Which Blockchain would you like the NFT of their ass on?

Well they still have 0 practical use so yeah

You frontin like there’s any better quality chat then that

I really hope this happens. It already was dying, but this would be the final nail in the coffin for the stubborn users who are still on there for some reason. Clearly Twitter Blue has been failing.

yeah it really attracts the young gamer crowd, not exactly for serious discussion